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A police Covid-19 checkpoint between Auckland and Northland as restrictions persist for the city. As of Wednesday, more than 38,000 close contacts had been identified, with 87% of those having had at least one test. There were more than 72,800 vaccine doses administered on Tuesday, bringing the total number of doses given out to 4,032,710. More than 60% of the eligible population (12 years and older) have now had their first dose, with a third of that population fully vaccinated. Hipkins said on Wednesday that a significant investigation into the Crowne Plaza, a managed isolation quarantine facility in Auckland, shed no light on how the virus was transmitted into the community. The first community case was epidemiologically linked to a traveller who had recently returned to New Zealand from Sydney, and who stayed at the facility. An atrium in the hotel and a public walkway were narrowed down as possible sites of transmission, but Hipkins said the “exact chain” had not been established. Audits showed that ventilation at the Crowne Plaza met the relevant infection prevention and control standards and there was a less than 1% chance that it came via someone standing in the lobby. On Tuesday, the health ministry confirmed 29 staff at Middlemore hospital were close contacts of a Covid-19 case and have been stood down for 14 days, after a person who tested positive for the virus showed up to the emergency department on Saturday with abdominal pain. Four wards were closed to any new admissions and all patients were being managed under strict infection and prevention control measures.


California just became the first state in the U.S. to outlaw "stealthing," a slang term for the nonconsensual removal of a condom during sex. The law, signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday, makes it a civil offense under state law for someone to remove a condom without their romantic partner's consent. "For a majority of the people, it's like, yeah, it makes sense that this is immoral and it should be illegal," State Assemblymember Cristina Garcia, who sponsored the legislation , told NPR. "A lot of people told me, 'I can't believe it's not already illegal,' " she added. The California State Legislature had approved the measure without opposition. Stealthing was a little-known phenomenon, but that's changing Garcia said she was motivated to write a bill to ban the practice after reading law student Alexandra Brodsky's law journal article on the topic in 2017, which has since been credited with kick-starting a wider discussion on stealthing. Brodsky, who is now a civil rights attorney and author of the book Sexual Justice, says few people were talking openly about nonconsensual condom removal at the time and that victims face additional scrutiny, because stealthing starts with consensual sex. The Dating App Industry's Flawed System For Addressing Sexual Assault Brodsky says nonconsensual condom removal is a violation in itself, but it also poses the risk of an unplanned pregnancy or the transmission of a sexually transmitted infection. "The experience of realizing that your partner, your sexual partner, has no concern for your autonomy, your individual dignity, your right to make decisions about who you have sex with, when and how," Brodsky told NPR, "that's a terrible violation regardless of whether a physical injury occurs, regardless of whether a pregnancy occurs." A 2018 survey of patients at a sexual health clinic in Melbourne, Australia, found that 32% of women and 19% of men who have sex with men had experienced stealthing.