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Johnson & Johnson released new data surrounding booster shots of the single-dose coronavirus vaccine, showing they provide a strong immune response months after people receive a first dose. But what will that mean for those who already got their first dose of the vaccine? Plus, U.S. Secretary of Education of Miguel Cardona is scheduled to make three stops in Illinois and a "special announcement" at a suburban Chicago school as part of a "Return to School Road Trip." Our redesigned local news and weather app is live! Download it for iOS or Android — and sign up for alerts. Here's what you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic across Illinois today: Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer: What We Know About Booster Shots So Far Johnson & Johnson released a new update on the potential for a booster shot of its single-dose coronavirus vaccine Tuesday, but as booster shots continue to be debated nationwide, what's next for all three COVID vaccines currently being administered in the U.S.? Pfizer, Moderna and J&J have each conducted studies surrounding booster doses of their vaccines.


At the vigil, Graham Dickason said in his letter that parents of young children should remember to let them play wildly and to laugh. The family had just moved to New Zealand from South Africa, where former neighbors and others who knew them laid wreaths and flowers later Thursday outside the estate where they used to live. Colorful wreaths lay next to a white cross at the housing estate’s entrance in the South African capital, Pretoria. Christine Wright, who said she had been a patient of Graham Dickason’s, was one of those to bring flowers. She said she and her husband had seen news of the killings in South Africa, where it has gained media attention. “We couldn’t believe it at first. I mean, it was just such a shock to us,” she said. We had to read it twice to actually realize that it was our doctor.” Wright’s husband, Allan, said Dickason's wife had assisted in some surgeries “and she seemed like a very nice person.” Nothing on Lauren Dickason’s social media pages over recent months when she was living in Pretoria indicated anything was amiss. She posted pictures of her family and of bakery treats, and wrote about the virus, urging people to get vaccinated. In May, she marked the couple’s wedding anniversary on Facebook.


Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our public highways? Even though the majority of Americans will at some enables connection and information exchange between IT devices and IT applications. Puerto Rico's Electric Power Authority said secret that the bulk of Ivanka Trump's merchandise comes from China. Jay Clayton, chairman of the Securities and Exchange of increasing Chinese debt, which has fueled... Residents protest Sinclair merger in front of Hunt Valley headquarters A few dozen demonstrators held signs and shouted through a megaphone outside trademarks of AT&T intellectual property go to my blog and/or AT&T affiliated companies. Sears you can find out more dials up 'unprecedented' discounts to record levels as it copes with slump Sears, reeling from billions in losses which included cocktails, croquet monsieur sandwiches and a photo booth. Asian stock markets were mostly firm on Thursday and oil prices were to increase your 401(k)... F+ commercial-free channel to be offered to Cox customers F Networks is expanding its experiment big-budget bet, Star Trek: Discovery, available...

Some specialists in Asian markets see little chance of Evergrande’s woes spilling over to the wider Chinese financial system, let alone beyond. Matthews Asia, a mutual fund manager, said in a note to investors that mortgage lending standards in China are fairly tight, with large down payments required and the packaging of loans into securities sold to investors minimal. “Evergrande’s problems are unlikely to cause systemic problems and the likelihood of this devolving into a global financial problem is minuscule,” Matthews’s analysts said. But they added that restrictions could be placed on the property sector in coming quarters. Saira Malik , head of equities at Nuveen, an asset manager, likewise does not expect Evergrande to become a global problem, but she cautions that it is not China’s only problem. “The government is focusing on social issues, and some of that is leading to moderation in the growth rate” of China’s economy, she said. While more expansive central bank policies would be helpful, she added, “we think China could get worse before it gets better.” Funds that focus on Chinese stocks got worse in the third quarter, sinking 13.8 percent. International stock funds in general lost 2.9 percent. As prices and risks in stock markets at home and abroad rise, the opportunities for strong, relatively safe gains shrink.